Bar Mitzvah

חגיגת בר מצווה ייחודית
בר מצווה 5.91
האולם המרכזי בחינה של רות ובנימין - 5.91

Bar Mitzvah on the beach – 5.91 event venue

The day has finally arrived; your son is following the Jewish tradition and celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, moving from childhood to adolescence and on the way to fulfilling his dreams and aspirations. Certainly, this is a special day and both he and you, as the proud parents, are excited and want to have an event that matches the occasion.

If you ask us, this is an event for all your friends and family. The perfect time for a big, meaningful and of course, fun Bar Mitzvah party. At the 5.91 event venue, we offer the perfect setting, a great location and the best amenities – all just a few steps from the sea.

A magical, open and fun venue for an unforgettable Bar Mitzva

The 5.91 beach events venue is in Netanya, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv and easily accessible via main roads. We are located just a few steps from the Mediterranean waterline, literally just 5.91 meters from it! It's a beautiful setting that's perfect for an event with a mix of guests of all ages, friends and family.

We'll be happy to make your teenager's celebrations dreams come true, to throw a party on the beach but with the convenience of a professional venue with the best services.

What we offer your Bar-Mitzva at 5.91?

  • Location: In the heart of the Sharon area, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. The most attractive location for a special Bar Mitzvah and the perfect choice for guests coming from abroad.
  • The best food menu: A to quality culinary experience, fully customized to your Bar Mitzvah's guest list and special requirements. Our kitchen is kosher.
  • Great service: personalized, available and complete service – Because you simply deserve the best.
  • Spacious dance floor: providing the perfect atmosphere for dancing and any other "artistic" content you want to add to the Bar Mitzva.
  • Accommodating special attractions: whatever attraction you want to bring to your child's celebration, we can accommodate it and handle all logistical aspects.
  • Personal event producer: We assign you a personal event producer who is dedicated to managing everything and giving you the perfect event.

All you need to do is make a guest list, book a date and choose the Bar-Mitzvah surprises you want – We'll handle the rest and provide the perfect location.

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