שבירת הכוס - שירז ואיתי - 5.91
מור ורונן - חתונה ליד הים
מור ורונן - סיפורי זוגות - 5.91
חופה מול הים 5.91

Weddings at 5.91

A first date on the beach is sweet; proposing as the sun sets into the Mediterranean is really impressive and romantic. But, let's face it, the real dream is to actually get married in that setting, on the beach and close to the sea.

And if the beach is your perfect wedding location, then do it right! 5.91 meters from the water is as close as you can get to a proper beach wedding in Israel and to fulfilling your dream.

Although, admittedly, we didn't paint the Mediterranean in its beautiful turquoise color and we didn't put the view of a sandy beach and green vegetation there – But if you choose to celebrate your big day with us, that would be your scenery!


What DID we do? We built the perfect wedding venue

  • Arranged an elegant and appetizing reception, with romantic lighting and cozy beach sitting.
  • Made sure you can hear the waves during the "Chuppah" and of course get the perfect background sunset for your ceremony.
  • Prepared the highest quality, diverse and surprising food for all your guests to enjoy.
  • Cleared a spacious dance floor to accommodate all the guests.
  • Developed an uplifting and rich drinks bar to boost morale.
  • Built a unique lounge for your guests to enjoy and feel like movie stars.

But obviously the most important thing is you two. From the moment you give us an initial call and to the minute the lights go off after an unforgettable wedding, we're with you and for you. The 5.91 team manages everything, advise, consult, listen and mainly make sure your head is clear to do one thing:


Everything else, is on us!

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