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Looking for a venue to hold a business event that'll be respectful and elegant but yet not too "heavy" and familiar? Want a business event that this time will exceed your and everybody's expectations? A venue that's in a prime location, beautiful, special and tasty?

When you choose the 5.91 beach event venue, all of that – and much more – is absolutely possible. We take care of everything and help you produce the perfect event, from start to finish.


What we offer for your business event?

Location and accessibility: The 5.91 event venue is in the Sharon area, just a 20 minutes' drive from Tel Aviv.

Technology: Our venue offers 4K screens, professional sound and lighting systems, projectors and custom solutions for your event, whether it's a product launch or a party for employees.   

Atmosphere: Breathtaking view, right on the beach and a stone throws from the warm Mediterranean water. 

Rich and high quality cuisine: Your business reputation is important to us; so, we offer great tasting, fresh food, served directly from our open kitchen. The most diverse, innovative and delicious food you can ask for. Food that's tasty and at the same time sends a message of a strong quality brand.

Let us help you produce a business event at a level you haven’t seen before, an event that matches the message you want to give and your business values, an event that gives your guests an experience to be talked about and remembered.


What next?

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