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5.91 - שף הבית - אור שפירא

Culinary Experience with a breathtaking beach and sea view

Here at 5.91 events venue we fully understand the importance of food to the success of any event, private or business. We know how much it means to you that all your guests are happy and satisfied with the food they are served at your event. We plan, prepare and serve food that's meant to be memorable and special, food that the guests will ravish and talk about long after your event is over.

After years in the events industry, there's no doubt in our mind that food can make or break an event – it's defiantly that important!

This is why at 5.91 event venue we see it as an essential part of our mission. An obligation and even a passion to provide an unforgettable and unique culinary experience, something to suit the perfect setting our venue offers on the Mediterranean coast. We built a diverse menu that's based on the best ingredients, with high quality and freshness as guiding principles.

Our chef chooses the finest cuts of meat, fresh fish and high quality vegetables and side dishes. We bake our breads in-house in our own stone oven.

What else is there?

Our kitchen is one big open kitchen, managed by top events chefs. So you and your guests not only eat amazing and special food but also see the "show" as we prepare the food for you – Witness the culinary magic as it happens.

Please don't settle for reading and looking and pictures, we invite you to visit us for a full taste of the 5.91 culinary experience.

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Our Chef's Kitchen

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