Testimonials on 5.91 events venue by the sea

Can we also get excited for a minute? This is what some of our clients say about their event at 5.91.

We don’t know if it’s the beach and sea or if it’s us, but you can be the judge of that.

"There aren’t enough words to describe just how beautiful this place is, the great food (both quality and service), the personal service and availability. We still receive compliments from all over on the venue's magical atmosphere, the excellent food and professional and courteous service from the staff. We got everything that was promised us, and much more than that".
המלצות 5.91 - שי והילה
Hila & Shai
"Reality surpassed even our wildest imagination. The innovative urban design, the wild green vegetation, the gorgeous seating arrangements at the reception, and the breathtaking view of the endless turquoise sea combining with the orange-purplish sunset – All of these created a perfect synergy on our perfect day."
5.91 המלצות - מור ורונן
Mor & Ronen
"The location – To die for. The food – A few levels above what people are used to even at luxury events, our guests are still shocked by the amazing food that was served to them. A real "chef restaurant" and completely not a cliché. The service was above and beyond – A waiter for every table and the highest level of service you can ask for. To sum is up, if you're looking for an event from another world and a once in a lifetime experience in every parameter – This is the place!"
Mali & Ronen
"Thank you for an unforgettable event. For the amazing lounge and venue facilities, the sunset, the best possible food that you simply can't stop eating, the service, the winning staff who made sure everything worked like clockwork and that we were happy and not missing a thing. Highly recommended".
זוגות ממליצים על ה5.91 - דנה ורונן
Dana & Eran
"We must say a good word about this perfect and special place! The design is crazy and exciting, the food's AMAZING. All the dishes are unique and prepared to perfection and, of course, the open kitchen experience adds a special touch. The service was excellent, we felt that the staff were professional, pleasant and helpful to all the guests, and we were told exactly that after the event. The bar was also amazing. In general, the entire atmosphere was just magical and so pleasant. We're confidant and convinced that 5.91 will become one of the leading event venues in Israel. All our guests are complimenting the place and say it was an amazing and extraordinary wedding. I recommend a "Chuppah" at sunset".
מולי וגיא ממליצים על ה5.91
Moly & Guy
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